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How to Deposit Biospecimens in H3Africa Biorepositories.

The Biorepository Program assists with, and covers costs of shipping, depositing and storing DNA from H3Africa studies, for sharing with authorized researchers. Submission of other types of biospecimens and collections from non-H3Africa studies may also be feasible, however cost coverage is not guaranteed at this time. Each donor study is paired with a host biorepository based on geographic proximity and/or other considerations to maximize efficiency. The biospecimens are shipped to the host biorepository from a central submission site using a courier service designated by the biorepository. The policies and procedures for transferring the collections are described in the Biospecimen Deposit Guidelines.

Biospecimen Deposit

The deposit process begins with planning discussions and exchange of the signed H3Africa Material Transfer Agreement, or a similar agreement, between the donor and biorepository institutions. The host biorepository should receive a copy of the study’s informed consent and ethics approval.

The submission site should use the Shipment Checklist form to help prepare the shipment and email the completed checklist to the biorepository. The submission site must also submit the Shipment Manifest form to annotate the biospecimens and minimum associated dataset. The donor investigator may also submit the optional PI Input form if there are any recommendations about future use of the collection. When a shipment is received, the host biorepository must return a Shipment Receipt and Query Form to acknowledge receipt and address any questions or concerns.

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