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Data Access form

Researchers are required to provide evidence of expertise to perform the proposed research, appropriate ethical clearance and approvals, and sufficient funds to see the research through to completion. Upon receipt of this request and the approval from the DBAC, a management meeting will be convened within 3 working days to decide on issues in the application such as completeness of application, ascertaining availability of the biospecimens.o.

Biospecimen and Data Access Form
  • 1. Project Title*(Maximum 120 characters)
  • 2. E-mail*Primary correspondence e-mail address.
  • 3. Name of applicant and co-applicant(s)*including affiliations and contact details. Please ensure that a full postal and email address is included for each applicant. Student applicants and postdoctoral fellows must include their supervisors as a co-applicant and provide their full contact details.
  • 4. H3Africa Dataset Requested*Please indicate which datasets you require. Please list EGA Study ID(s), and where more than one dataset is available for the requested Study, please also list requested Dataset ID(s).
  • 5. Research Question*Please provide a clear description of the project and its specific aims in no more than 750 words. This should include specific details of what you plan to do with the data and include key references. If applying to use datasets that have restrictions on the way that they may be used (e.g. must only be used to investigate a specific condition, or may not be used for control purposes), then please clearly state how you plan to use the datasets as controls, and that you will respect the specified constraints on the use of named non-control datasets.
  • 6. Feasibility*Please describe fully your experience and expertise, and that of your collaborators, and how this will be applied to the proposed study. Please list up to 5 relevant publications of which you were an author or co-author, demonstrating your experience and competence to analyse data sets of this type. If you do not have relevant publications please demonstrate your expertise and responsibility with respect to human subjects genetic data analysis.
  • 7. Research ethics*Do you foresee any ethical issues, including potential harms to data subjects such as potential stigmatisation of ethnic groups, arising as a result of your research? If so, how do you plan to address such issues?
  • 8. Benefits to Africa*The goal of the H3Africa initiative is to improve the health of African populations, and to contribute to the development of expertise and research capacity among African scientists. How do you see your proposed use of the data contributing to this goal?
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