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H3Africa Barcoding and Sample Labelling

Items (Unique Sample Identification, De identified Participant ID, Protocol study name/PI project name, Country prefix, Aliquot Type/Number, Date of Collection, Gender, Age of Participant at collection) are the minimum sample data (variables) to be included in the shipping...

Plans for adopting SPREC Coding

Background: Biospecimens stored in biorepositories are a representation of and contain implicit information about the real world. However, it is important that researchers using archived Biospecimens understand the modifiable variables associated with the life of the...

LIMS/Website Sub-Group Progress and Timelines

Data exchange To me data exchange; a)Between sister sites:-To achieve this I believe we need to ensure that the sister sites have  a minimum number of similar configurations/fields for recording specimens despite the differences in the LIMS Systems and ensure that the different...